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Conference Sunday in Ghent

Conference Sunday is always one of my favorites and it was unusual to not enjoy our traditional conference rituals as conference wouldn’t be starting until the evening. We decided to edify our minds and hearts in preparation for conference by visiting one of my favorite art works- The Ghent Altarpiece also known as The Lamb of God by the Van Eyck brothers. I love the attention to detail and the depiction of Christ as the lamb of God- standing unmoved and majestic upon the altar despite the cruelty of the crucifixion.  He finished his work for you and for me.

I also like how the panels depict in the same altarpiece Adam and Eve and the fruit representing the fall and the need for a Savior who could return us back to glory and holiness. I appreciated the well-done audio guide and was grateful for the chance to appreciate the altarpiece’s grace and beauty with my family.

We wandered the old streets of the medieval city squares admiring the cathedrals and castle before saying goodbye to Ghent and heading for our final home in the Netherlands- a windmill less than 10 miles outside Amsterdam!  A splurge (we had saved on other locations with deals) I thought it would be an experience the kids would always remember. Maarten was just getting ready to close down the windmill for the night as we arrived, so the kids got to watch and learn. I am grateful for engineers who figured out how to get the different wheels and cranks and shafts to work together and power the water. Truly the Dutch made beautiful cities out of complete swampland.