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Enjoy the Climb

We have “cannon-balled” into the river of academic and extracurricular life with gusto and have found the current to be powerful. So powerful that this is how I found Lily this week during the middle of the day-

So powerful that Mike and I came home from the temple one morning this week and instead of finding a bustling house with everyone dressed, fed physically and spiritually, and diligently engaged in their school work we found a completely quiet house where the kids were so tired they had slept through their alarms.

Early morning cross country has so drained Jake and Drew that they were home and in bed on last Friday night before 10. Dream come true for a mom, but I wish I could slow the current for a bit. One part of me thinks we should simply increase our “muscle mass” so that we are strong enough to swim with the current. The other part of me feels like God is telling me to BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.

Cross Country-

Saturday, I sat in a lecture hall with Jake in a Young Engineer program he was accepted to at ASU where we learned that engineering equates with inventing, designing, creating and making. Two take always from the program –
“EFFORT will give you results”
“Don’t turn back at the first obstacle”
It sounds perfect for Jake.

This weeks currents and obstacles-
Mom and Dad- surprise hefty (very hefty) tax fees for our LLCS and a finishing of all Seattle consulting, Dad golf tournament in Cali and golfing at the LA Country Club, mom working out with Lily and injuring her back, hosting five guys with Dad teaching, FHE on Fiji From the Muir’s, Sunday dinner with the Ferguson’s, birthday lunch for Julie Schilling, hosting HOCO day date, FHE on Peru and Tonga

We hosted two of the Otteson children over the weekend.  The kids had so much fun!

HEFY Family Home Evening #1-

Quick Boys Getaway-


Remembering Baby Elizabeth-

Jake- Heavy workload with AP Classes, HOCO date, early morning practice

Drew- Algebra, Algebra, Algebra. Being an amazing older brother is not a natural skill, volleyball, cross country, piano

Daisie- First soccer game, intense ballet, gymnastics, art, swam in the currents of the salt river

Luke- Remembering his motto, art class, swimming, gymnastics, soccer, MCO

Lily- wanting to be part of all the action and not sleeping, pink eye

For Julie’s birthday we got her hiking poles. To me they symbolically represented the help needed on our climbs of life. I remember our crazy climb up Kala Patar in Nepal. It was so hard to hike at that elevation. You would take a step and breathe and then take a step and breathe. It was dark and cold and you couldn’t see the destination. All we wanted to do was GET TO THE TOP. Drew was struggling with altitude even more than we were and he hit a wall before the top and stayed on a rock with a friend. The view from the top was indeed captivating and illuminating. We basked in it and eventually our joy was full as Drew joined us. Standing at the pinnacle my eyes were opened and my perspective broadened. It was amazing. But the growth came not at the summit but in the CLIMB. It was in the actual putting one foot in front of the other on the uphill path that the growth and character change took place and our abilities were expanded. Be grateful for the climb; don’t begrudge it. That is where we develop.

Last night we hosted the Fisk’s and the Jensen’s and about 50 other people to hear about the updates on their nonprofit, Yapay, in Bolivia. I love seeing the Lords hand in our work when we choose to serve his children.

Love. Serve. Climb. Swim with the current and then take moments to simply BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD.

Enjoy the climb.