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President Wilford Woodruff had a vision one night in which the Spirits of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, appeared to him in the St George Temple in August of 1877 and demanded to have their temple work done. Following this experience, he was then baptized and assisted with the temple ordinances for the Signers of the Declaration and “fifty other eminent men”.  Vicki Jo Anderson read this account and felt inspired to seek out the names of these eminent men and women from Woodruff’s journals, research them and understand what they had done to lay the foundation for freedom. Eventually through the prodding’s of the spirit and others she compiled a portion of her research into a book entitled, “The Other Eminent Men of Wilford Woodruff.”  Jake and Drew, along with their “Five Guys and a Book” group read this work and then the author came to discuss it with them.  Taking advantage of the fact that it was my birthday and I could put my “work” on the backburner for the day, I joined Jake and Drew for the discussion.  It was inspiring and motivating to say the least.  Something that really stood out to me was a line from a blessing she received as she took on this project.  It was from her patriarch and he explained that these men and women that she was researching, “…fulfilled their measure and calling upon the earth.”  Each had a task to do in laying the foundation of freedom for the building up of the kingdom and imperfect as so many of them were, they had an assignment/ a mission that they came to earth to fulfill and they completed that mission.

As we discussed David Livingstone and Louis Agassiz, John Wesley and William Seward I thought about my own mission(s).  What did I sign up for?  What were my children foreordained to do?  We are all called on missions.  Am I fulfilling mine?  I feel like I am running in so many different directions each day that I never finish all the things I start.  My life feels FULL of good ideas in process.  Frequently, I get to the end of the day and feel like I have not finished all the things God expects and hopes that I do and yet there are still teens that need help with assignments and a house that is screaming for attention and a husband that I would really like to see.  How do I get it all done when I feel reminded each day that one of my life missions is to minister to others and ministering is a one on one drop by drop process that must be done at inopportune times and places?  Caring for others trumps the TO DO List every time, but how to get the list done and accomplish the tasks I was sent to do. Obviously, life must be more about what we BECOME then what we get DONE.

Here are some steps we took these past two weeks to get closer in meeting our callings, tasks and missions-

Taylor-Serving with his heart and soul in the MTC-

Jake-Ran what he called a “perfect race” and won the JV division of Desert Twilight against upwards of 700 or 800 kids, LOVED Homecoming, Asked to Winter Formal by 3 girls and worked on navigating how to make everyone feel loved, spent all day Saturday at ASU working on engineering projects of different types to understand how that mission plays into his life, went to a book club about President Nelson’s biography and watched the beautiful tapestry of that great man’s life missions and pondered on the things he do is being prepared to do.

GHA-Homeschool Welding Class-

Trying to understand his physics assignment-

HOCO Date in our yard-

Drew-Ran Friday night at the invitational, ran Saturday morning before volleyball, played volleyball all day and went to a book discussion on A Tale of Two Cities-an intricate weaving of various characters life’s missions.  Trying to understand who he is supposed to be.  He told me his life mission it to make other’s happy.  Aside from Daisie and Luke I think he does an AMAZING job of that.  Why is it hardest with the ones we are closest too?

Favorite place with my boys-

Daisie-On my birthday afternoon (Daisie was just a gem on my birthday making breakfast in bed and getting Lily all dressed and ready for preschool-she doesn’t know it yet, but she is working on her mission to be a mother) I was reading all the fun texts that people had sent to me while I listened with one ear to the conversation that Daisie and Luke were having at the table as they ate lunch.  It went something like this.  Luke to Daisie, “If you had three wishes what would they be.”

Daisie to Luke, “That’s hard.  I would wish that Sister Porter could get better and that I could get my splits. Then I would wish that…. well I would save my third wish.”

It was so pure and sweet that I couldn’t help but send it to sweet Sister Porter and it was the perfect balm of Gilead that day for her.  Daisie has a mission to lift others.  Satan is trying to stop her and decrease her confidence.  I watch the battle every day and pray that she will come off victorious.

Breakfast in bed compliments of these cute kids-

Spoiled on my birthday-

Hosted Daisie’s book club on Pinnochio-

Luke-Just struggling to choose the right and not give in to his natural man desire to be lazy and selfish! He had a wonderful first book club on Charlotte’s Web, helping to develop empathy and compassion.  Earned his bobcat award.

Lily-Lily and Jake are both exhausted.  She needs to have more sleep to fulfill the measure of her creation, but she can’t bear to miss a moment of all the excitement that seems to take place in the house from early morning until late at night.  This is a happening place and I think we are all ready for a little break from work (Mike has been slammed with Hawaii and Seattle and others wanting and needing his time), school (the demands have been extensive on my high schoolers) and church responsibilities.  The Netherlands will give us a good opportunity to step back from our myopic view of life and gain some insights and understanding on our missions as we prepare for general conference.


President Brigham Young (1801–77) explained: “There is neither man nor woman in this Church who is not on a mission. That mission will last as long as they live.”