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A Sad Farewell

Oh how we don’t want to leave!!!

Darts on the patio-

Airplane bag for Lily-

We squeezed in one last kayak at the lake house.

Then we fit in one last hike-We settled on driving back to Mt Maunganui which had been pouring rain when we were there last. Perfect Day today.

One last shell hunt and body surf-

And one last dip in the hot pools.

After finally making it through security we were all completely depressed!  Surprisingly one of our friends, Lara, who we met at the hot pools 4 weeks earlier happened to run into us in the airport! This totally lifted our spirits as were thrilled with the serendipitous meeting.

So…….looking back would I do New Zealand again?  Emphatically YES. We loved the people, the waterfalls, the beaches, the tramps, the laid back feel, the wildlife, the constant surprises of Mother Nature and the food. If I could do it again I would try to throw in 2 more weeks so that we could have slowed down and done more adventures in several different areas. Sadly, with the closing of Mike’s commitments and Taylors Ecuador trip and our AZ commitments to the Mesa Easter Pageant we couldn’t have even procured 2 more days let alone 2 more weeks, but that would be my recommendation.