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The boys woke up with the sun to get one last Raglan surf session in before we had to leave our beach house. I have a feeling we will be back to this town. We stopped at the docks for one last round of NZ fish and chips.  Mesmerized, Luke sat on the edge of the dock watching the fisherman bring in their catches. 

Across the rolling green hills of New Zealand we drove stopping only for fresh blueberries at New Zealand’s largest organic blueberrry farm. We will miss all the fruit on the roadside from the local farmers!!!  

After listening to the unabridged Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy while on the road we couldn’t miss a trip to Hobbiton. In the Hobbit movies “The Shire” looked so ideallic that we didn’t expect the farm and set to look as beautiful in real life and yet THEY DID. What fun!

New Zealand is just gorgeous. Man we love it here. The kids must have taken 200 pictures during our tour of The Shire before we enjoyed some ginger beer and steak pie in the “Green Dragon”.

After Hobbiton , all the kids wanted to do was to go check in to our last house on Lake Rotorua and watch the final Lord of the Rings movie, but the weather was so lovely that we decided to play outside and go for a walk to Hamurana Springs first. Beautiful. 

The dock at our Rotorua house-

California Sequoias in New Zealand!  Drew, Lily, Mike and I took a walk along the crystal clear water of Hamura Springs.