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Everyone is a little tired (we have been moving fast) and a little depressed that our trip is fading so quickly. 6 weeks sounded like such a long time during the planning phase, but it has been far too short.  No one wants to go home as we all  just want to stop time and freeze this moment just a little bit longer before Taylor goes Growing up and moving on!  Pulling at my heart strings here!!

After driving for a couple of hours to find a branch last week it was a little overwhelming to chose between the 12 wards within 15 minutes of our holiday home!  Although we missed the intimate experience of a branch it was fun to have  lots of people to meet and interact with.

From Hamilton we drove back to the west coast to Raglan.

We have had such great weather on this trip except when it comes to surfing.  The winds and the swells have not been ideal on the days we allocated for surfing.  Raglan, with its world famous left, was following suit.  Our airbnb home was right on Whale Bay which is a great and difficult surf spot .  Since the conditions looked less than ideal we planned to have Mike take the kids to Manu Bay the next day.  In the mean time the boys tried on their wetsuits in preparation and we took a Sunday walk to Bridal Veil Falls.

Can you see why we don’t want to come home?

Beautiful location-

Making sure the wetsuits fit and the boards feel good.  Preparing for the early morning session tomorrow.

Bridal Veil Falls-

Oh, I’m going to miss that boy!

Daisie who is deep into reading Harry Potter for the firs time, jumped out of the car so fast she forgot to take off her reading glasses for the walk.  Isn’t she cute?