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Rainy Day Caving

One bummer about this trip is that continue to leave areas before we fully explore them!  We need to find a way to slow down our pace!  Today we had black water caving on the agenda but after it had poured all night the water level in the caves was too high and our trip got canceled!!  Second bummer. We went to this beautiful waterfall to make up for it and then we squeezed a couple of extra kids on the glow worm tour we had set up for the younger crew. Still very cool, but not the adventure the older kids had been looking forward too. 

In the darkness you can’t see these threads that the glow worms (not actually worms, but larvae) have created to trap bugs

Jake tried hard to capture the glowworms on camera, but its nearly impossible to get the effect on film in a cave thats so dark that you can’t see your hand right in front of your face.  Picture a sky full of stars all around you-

Limestone rocks along the fault lines-

Our lovely home in Hamilton with lots of fun books and toys-

Updating Mike’s photo for a business project as we run out the door for the temple.  Looking good!

Next stop- Hamilton temple. We are so blessed in Gilbert to have a temple so close and we have missed the temple. It was lovely to have the older boys go to the temple with Mike while I took the younger kids to the visitor center. Lily’s highlight of the whole day was seeing a picture of our next door neighbor Shawni up in the visitor center with a “I’m a Mormon” video about her!  Man we miss our neighbors!  We couldn’t get Lily to leave, “I watch Shawni and Dave!!!! She cried!

Thanks to Yelp we found a great Vietnamese restaurant in town and played games with chopsticks while we waited for our fresh and savory meal. Fun memories of our short stay in Vietnam a couple years ago.