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Farewell to the South

Drive Day-

What a bummer to leave Abel Tasman and the Golden Bay on a perfect sunshiney windless day!!  What a travesty!  Unfortunately we had a long drive to catch the ferry back to the North Island. Heartbreak to leave the South Island!!   Adding insult to injury our ferry was nearly 2 hours behind which took away any chance of our planes in Wellington on the back side!  Ugh!!!  The only redeeming quality of the day was our lovely lunch in Picton with one of Taylors buddies from home, Elder Hassell. Sitting by the water st the Seabreeze Cafe, Elder Hassell and his companion told us about the church in Picton and the various areas that they had served-many of which we had visited!

We had a great visit followed by a very rough and windy Cook Strait crossing which left many of our party quite nauseous. Sadly, the weather slowed the crossing even further than planned and it was quite late when we pulled into our charming rural cottage. 

Thankfully, we awoke to a beautiful morning so that we could enjoy all the wonderful amenities of the cottage. The kids got fresh eggs and picked ripe apples. Lily was in heaven with the doll house and the babies with their carriages. Adrienne and her husband came down to meet us and we had a lovely visit where we pet their cats and fed the chickens, sheep and horses. The kids even got to swing on this epic little tree swing their son had made. Such a perfect morning.