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Golden Bay Adventure

Golden Bay Adventure-

I think you could spend a month in Golden Bay. It is beautiful, mellow and full of hidden secrets. Today we attempted a few of them. 

Secret Spot #1-

Wharariki Beach- short walk through sheep fields and sand dunes to the most gorgeous beach with the softest sand EVER!!  We could have spent the whole day there if we didn’t have any other adventures awaiting. Apparently Windows used pictures of this beach as their screen saver on their last update so it’s not really a secret anymore. 🙂

Secret Spot #2-

Cape Farewell- the northernmost point of the South Island

Lily wanted Jake to “keep me safe” from the wind.

Secret Spot #3-

Rosys Chocolates-

Go for the almond-AMAZING!

Secret Spot #4-

“Swimming Hole”-Some locals told us about this swimming hole with a rock jump. New Zealand is so cool. Just where they told us to drive there was a sign at the side of the road saying “Swimming Hole” where you could park and climb across people’s yards to this beautiful swimming hole. 

Secret Spot #5-

Payne’s Ford- Known as a rock climbing area for locals there is another great swimming spot with rope swings. 

Secret Spot #6-

Ok, not actually secret at all, Anatoki Salmon,  is a fun salmon farm where there is a large lake for you to fish in. All the kids fishes and they caught 3 large salmon which they took to the kitchen where the fish were cleaned, cut and smoked to our specifications. Yum!!!  We took our cooked salmon, picked up some French fries and salads in town and ate outside on  our patio with the ocean as a backdrop. Awesome. 

Secret Spot #7-

THE VILLA- Jake, Drew, Daisie and Luke built a large addition onto their beach fort. It turned out pretty impressive!  Quite the engineering feat with windows, doors, flags and shell garland. Hours of entertainment.