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Fiordland is known for its luscious green vegetation, active waterfalls, jaw dropping fiords and rain. The stats are that it rains 70% of the time- 2 days out of 3 so we were so lucky to have sunshine the evening we pulled into TeAnau AND the entire next day for our tour of Milford Sound. Good thing because I spent the hours between 12p and 5a throwing up from what appears to be food poisoning from a packaged salad AND I was ready to stay in bed all day. The sun brightened my spirits as well as the fact that no one else had gotten sick. It will be a LONG time before I eat kale again. Thank goodness for the emergency zofran tablet I had in the medicine pouch. Lifesaver. Ohhhhh…..so not fun. 

However, Milford Sound and the drive through Fiordland WAS so much fun. From all the online searches I had done it seemed like everyone took a bus to Milford Sound and then a boat tour through the sound (which is actually a fiord not a sound). I didn’t want to be on a big bus tour so we booked a small tour called THE BBQ BUS which came highly recommended. It was great fun, the views were incredible, the BBQ lunch was devoured by my boys and the cruise through the fiord was perfect, but now being a veteran I wish I had known that we could have just driven ourselves through the Fiordland and stopped to hike wherever we would have liked. Mike loved not driving, but when we come again (yes, this trip is supposed to be once in a lifetime but we are in love and all hope we will return) I think we would just drive it ourselves and maybe do one of the many 3-4 day walks in the area. The multi day walks and bike rides sound awesome that are throughout the South Island. 

Milford Sound reminded us of Norway on a more mellow scale and the fiords of Alaska without the snow. Perfect weather created blue backdrops for the green mountains and the deep green water. Luke was thrilled to see more active dolphins up close and Daisie, Drew and Luke spent most of their cruise up with the captain learning about boat navigation. 

When we completed our journey we visited the Te Anau park with an awesome baby/ adult swing where the parent’s swinging causes the baby to swing. Brilliant. We thought we might jump on a a glow worm tour off of Lake TeAnau, but there wasn’t room for 8 on the 8p tour so we went home, made faijitas, drew in our nature journals and tried to decide which of the hundreds of activities we wanted to do in Queenstown the next day.