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Victory Beach

Victory Beach-

Mike had paddleboarded down to Victory Beach yesterday and he wanted to share the beautiful isolated beach with us. Sadly since we only had one paddle board we had to take a trek down to the beach. Lily ran the whole first mile. Maybe we have other future cross country runners in our ranks. Victory Beach did not disappoint. With no one to share the two mile stretch of white sand beach but a gaggle of sea lions and an old shipwreck the kids ran and played frisbee up and down the beach. We were blessed with a perfect last day of New Zealand summer. Gorgeous. 

We all wanted to take up permanent residence on the Otago Pennisula, but sadly we had to carry on. Dunedin is know for its excellent food and since we hadn’t gone out to eat for a couple weeks we decided to treat ourselves to a late lunch/ early dinner in St Clair at Starfish. Good call. They had fun combinations like beets on their grass fed burgers, kimchi sauce on their sliders, slivered almonds and coconut cream on their acai bowl and dark chocolate in their peanut butter banana smoothie. Yum! 

 The waves were breaking in St Clair and Mike found a place to rent boards yet we had a long drive to the Caitlin’s so we decided to continue on our journey.

Nugget Point-

We were glad we did since we ran into a few detours and pulled into our fabulous home just as the sun was setting over the lake below. Everyone’s favorite was the hot tub overlooking the Caitlin’s and showcasing the stars of the Southern Hemisphere.

Our only neighbors-