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Mountains to Farm to Ocean

Our home in Lake Ohau with its gorgeous views was a “BookaBach” which meant we had to wake up early to clean the house from top to bottom before we could check out.  After watching The Hobbit with the kids until far too late this was quite painful.  We sent the littles out to eat watermelon on the grass while we put the older kids to work on the clean up.

From Lake Ohau we drove to these unique Clay Cliffs on a farmer’s property.  Slightly reminiscent of a mini version of the “Badlands” in South Dakota  these little slot canyons were a random geological wonder.

After a picturesque drive through the countryside we made our way to Oamaru where we met Sally, our Bed and Breakfast host.  What a treat her home, mini farm and gardens were!

The kids begged to just stay there for the rest of the day, but we convinced them to go on a penguin hunt at Katiki Point.  Luckily, we were quite successful.

This is a little Blue Penguin hiding in a burrow. 

The point was full of fur seals basking in the warmth of the setting sun.

Luke ignored the “stay 10 meters away” warning and when I turned my back he was about 2 feet away from this seal who turned around and starting chasing him.  Since we knew he wasn’t in imminent danger it was hilarious.

We saw about a dozen of these rare endangered yellow eyed penguins scattered around the area.  Unsocial and independent these guys come up out of the water every evening, preen, and head into the brush to hide for the night.

Molting season-

We pulled off the road so Jake could run into this freezing water in the drizzly rain.

One more geological phenomenon for the day-Moeraki Boulders-Random Giant Boulders on the beach

Our final adventure of the day was one more penguin hunt in Oamaru for the little blue penguins that spend the day out at sea and return home to the same location each evening at dusk.  They were SOOOOO fun to watch surf in from ocean in their little crews.  If it wasn’t dark and cold we could have watched them all night.