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Lochsloy Farm

Lochsloy Farm

Lily was up early begging to go see the sheep. Lochsloy is a small 18 acre farm with a few dozen sheep and lambs. The owners were kind enough to allow the kids to feed the sheep their “morning nuts” which was such a fun experience for them.

Note from Daisie by my bedside this morning-

The piano only stopped when we slept…..the kids were SO excited to tickle the ivories!!

View from the front room-

We basked in our farm morning before we explored the Banks Pennisula. We explored three different incredible and remote bays before the time of day compelled us to get going on our journey to the mountains. 

Te Oka Bay-

Tumbledown Bay-

Magnet Bay-

One of the challenges of travel is trying to keep everyone fed.  Most of our locations have kitchens, but our car is devoid of room for a cooler and keeping food ready to cook each morning and evening is tricky. Many of the small towns lack stores and many of the stores that we do find are SO expensive. We are becoming creative-free range pre-cooked chickens, cucumbers, apples, NZ yogurts, peppers, soups, avocados and bread, any fruit or veggies we can get on sale, noodles, granola bars, etc. “Feeding the machine”,  as Mike calls it, is a constant need.

Our drive today took us past three beautiful lakes: Lake Tekapo, Lake Pukaki and Lake Ohau. Gorgeous Alpine scenery. As the evening Alpine glow settled down in the Ohau Valley we pulled into our lake cabin.

Mt Johns above Lake Tekapo-

More beautiful Lake Tekapo-