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Boats and Birthdays

Boats and Birthdays

For Luke’s 7th birthday we took the Bluebridge Ferry from Wellington to Picton–from the North Island to the South Island. The crossing of the Cook Strait can be rough and I was worried about my “motion sickness prone” birthday boy. Blessedly, the water was calm and the wind was still so no one got sick and we had an easy delightful 4hourish crossing.

First glimpses of the South Island-

During our limited planning phase of the trip we had looked forward to the acclaimed two-three hour drive from Picton to Kaikoura. Nearly touching the sea, the coast highway is supposed to be the most beautiful of the South Island. Ignorantly, it wasn’t until a week before our trip that we did enough research to realize that the devastating earthquake in Kaikoura last November had destroyed the coast road and taken out many of the bridges. The alternative route was a VERY LONG and VERY BEAUTIFUL road down through the center of the island through the mountains. We passed beautiful green glacial water, wineries, dense forests, enormous lakes, rolling hills and gentle waterfalls. Did I mention that it was LONG AND BEAUTIFUL?  Near our final destination we stopped for birthday ice cream cones. Happy Birthday Luke!  We love you!!

Nelson Lakes-

Our holiday home-

Nature Journals at work: