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Geothermal Fun

Geothermal Fun-

Mother Nature has certainly had fun in the area between Mt Maunganui and Lake Taupo!  Our first adventure found us at Okere Falls- a stretch of river with some crazy drops including the highest commercially run river fall in the world.

Perhaps due to the overcast and sprinkling weather no rafts were running that day for us to gawk at. This left the area fairly quiet. Next to a large DANGER PEOPLE HAVE DROWN HERE, Mike and Jake found a rope swing with a large drop that they decided they had to do.  Oh it is hard to be married to a man with no sense of fear and to be raising four boys!  Somehow I found myself even suckered into the whole operation!!  The jump was great but the rapids below took my breath away. Powerful. Once was plenty for me, but not for my two adventurers. You know you are in trouble when people are stopping to take pictures of your family. Enough said. 

A little mellow compared to Yellowstone or Iceland, but nonetheless a geothermal wonder, we found ourselves gaping at the mud pots as they sputtered and spewed boiling water into the air. Very cool…….I mean hot. Nearby we jumped into a natural hot spring at the side of the road. Fun. 

Leaving the especially pugnent thermal area we drove to Huka Falls which we had been told was a highlight. To be honest, after hiking to so many amazing waterfalls, the kids were not overly impressed. Can you ever become calloused to Mother Nature?  They were ready to explore another free natural hot spring they had read about. This one was next to another amazing New Zealand park that kept the whole family amused for over an hour. 

We had time for a quick explore through downtown Taupo before we began our drive south around the lake. Lake Taupo is enormous and we were grateful that the sun finally came out (thank you!!) and shown down on it reflecting light off the beautiful blue water. 

As seems to be consistently the case, we arrived far to late at our cabin in the woods in Ohakune and sat down for a very late Friday night dinner. Fun different day.