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Mt Maungaunai

Mt Maungaunai-

The kids favorite part of the holiday home in Hahei were the bookshelves overflowing with children and young adult literature. Late at night 1000s of pages were consumed by my voracious readers. Trying to get the kids to sweep the kitchen, mop the floors and clean the bathrooms with all those books calling out to them was a Herculean task. Ugh. Somehow we managed to clean the house and say farewell to the books and the incredible coves and leave for our next journey. We stopped at one more Coromandel Favorite- Shakespear Point and Mike and I took a nice run up the mountain in the drizzling rain. 

By the time we had arrived at our next appointed adventure spot the clouds had burst. According to the weather forecast this area is in for rain nonstop for the next week. Major bummer for us. (Heaven sent for the locals whose rain tanks have been low and have been praying for rain. )

We had planned a few different hikes for the day, but after our first adventure in the pouring rain Mike was ready for something different. 

Hike through the pounding rain so that the kids could hug a giant Kauri tree…….

Off to our home base for the night we speed, Mt Maunganui is comparable to Huntington Beach.  It’s New Zealand’s Surf City. Beautiful beach, great surfing, lots of volleyball, plenty of paddle boarding and a great beach path all greeted us in the downpour. Our tiny beach cottages were in an ideal location at the base of the volcano and steps up from the sand. All the kids wanted to do in the rain was to go to the naturally heated salt water pools on the other end of the parking lot. We spent the next three hours soaking and playing in various hot pools, making friends and learning more about the country. The more we learn, the more we fall in love. A quick run to the store provided the kids with all the veggies (they call them veges here) and ramen they could eat in the campground kitchen. We fell asleep to the sound of the rain on the roof and the waves crashing on the sand.

Hot Water Pools-

Our van between our tiny cabins-