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The Edge of the World

Day 7-The edge of the world –

The Ninety Mile Beach is the longest stretch of beach in New Zealand and we loved staying right on the shores of it. I took a happy Lily on a long walk along the hard sand beach and Mike and the rest of the crew enjoyed some early morning body surfing and sand castle building before we checked out and set off for the other end of the 90 mile beach–Cape Reinga. The whole of the 90 mile beach is considered sacred for the Maori as it is the path their deceased spirits are supposed to take on their way to their final departure point at Cape Reinga on route to the afterlife. I would say the tip of the Cape is as close to heaven as just about anything I’ve ever experienced. Jaw dropping beauty. The Tasman and Pacific Oceans that surround the Island meet at the tip and create some epic waves. Loved it. 

Just before the Cape we took a lunch break at the idealic Tapotupotu Beach at Paul’s recommendation. We weren’t disappointed. Also on his insistence we stopped at the “Local Shop” for some incredible ice cream cones. Happy children!!!

On our way down from the tip we detoured to Rarawa Beach which heralds the purest white silica sands in the world. It also had some amazing surf breaks that left my other half wishing we had access to some boards. We took what we thought was a little scramble over the rocks to the other side of the beach (it was a lot sharper and more intense than my barefoot kids would have chosen) and found a treasure trove of shells. The whole cove was covered in the most amazing shells I have ever seen. Inches deep in most points, the kids wished we had something to carry handfuls of these perfect shells home. Daisie decided she wanted the floor of her room covered in shells just like that. Seriously, New Zealand offers us magical surprises every day. We may never come home. When else do I get a Saturday afternoon free of jobs and activities with all my kids together without any distraction?? I love it!!  Everyone is so happy and the weather was so perfect today. Ahhhhh!  (Happy sigh). The only thing that I am struggling with is that there are so many adventures that we are missing everyday. There is a part of me that wants to rush us along so we don’t miss the next thing. We missed so many things today that I thought we could pack in. :). I keep reminding myself that it is better to fully enjoy and bask in the current amazing adventure than to try to get on to the next thing. New Zealand deserves 6 months not 6 weeks………….so………we are going to miss things–lots of things, but we will attempt to completely embrace what we do chose to do. Less is more. Right??  Ok, so I may have to be reminded. Simplicity is something I dream about, but have yet to master. 

The ground of the cove was covered in these little beauties!  What fun!

Just before dusk we made it to Kahoe Farm our home for the evening. Lyndsey and Stefano made us feel at home immediately. Lyndsey’s grandfather had built a beautiful home in the rolling hills south of the breathtaking Doubtless Bay that they had turned into a hostel. Charming and warm, we had rented the whole house which was absolutely perfect. Stefano had turned part of the farm field into a “football field” and the kids were immediately engaged in an intense game of soccer. Born and raised in Italy, Stefanos famed Italian cooking proceeded him and we ordered 8 handmade pizzas with toppings like truffle glazed in balsamic vinegrette and jalepano peppers with ham and mushrooms. Every combination was consumed and loved.