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90 Mile Beach

It was easy to fall in love with Tapeka Point. Leaving on the other hand was painful. We couldn’t imagine a better location or better accommodations. We were a little glum as we took the car ferry from Russell back to the mainland. In fact, Luke who had been reading one of the twenty Magic Tree House books he had stashed in his backpack hopped out of the car and promptly threw up over the side of the ferry. Honestly, it had only been a 10 minute drive along a winding road from our holiday home to the ferry. Remind me not to let Luke read on any road that isn’t flat and straight. 😩

Heading for the Far North we crossed the North Island from the east coast to west coast ending at Ahipara, home of Shipwrecks– one of the best surf breaks in New Zealand and of world fame since the 1960s movie Endless Summer. Mike and the boys were so excited to paddle out that we drove directly to the beach break. We were greeted by gorgeous blue green water, endless white sand and the tiniest 1 foot waves. Ahhhhhhh! Such a bummer. Perfect size for Daisie and Luke. It was hard to be sad with a view like this. 

We checked into our beachfront apartments, visited with the owners Paul and Ginny (Jake was so happy to play their piano and Luke loved sitting in their front room just visiting), and headed for a long walk and swim on the famed 90 mile beach. Gorgeous. 

Mike and Luke picked up some freshly caught snapper and made us an amazing coconut fish curry for dinner with the waves crashing in the background. These ocean front locations are spoiling us. At 3a Lily woke up, looked out at the full moon shining brightly over the endless ocean and insisted that she needed to go swimming. We couldn’t convince her that it was the middle of the night. It was a beautiful site and we sure enjoyed snuggling with our little Lily, but I think we will be tired tomorrow.

View from the kitchen-

No one in sight as far as the eye can see……..