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Day 4- Sailing

One of the pieces of advice we received before we left was the that the best way to see the Bay of Islands was to get out on a boat. We signed up to sail on the R Tucker Thomas and the kids quickly got into the sailing lifestyle. They loved climbing the rigging and the mast and helping to hoist the sails. We stopped at Roberts Island to have a look around and the kids loved rope swinging off the boat. The rocking of the boat put Lily right to sleep and she took a nap down below. The views were amazing and the experience ideal. Everyone was raving about the adventure. Mike and the boys even started talking about renting a sailboat for an extended adventure some day. Luke could have sat up on the helm all day. 

Great day topped off by our first cups of cold chocolate. Mmmmmmmm!  Newport Chocolates had been recommended to us by our new friend Elle at the Vineyard Cottages as a “do not miss”. The Argentine owners hailed from a family whose chocolatiering in Patagonia went back for 3 generations. It was a first for us and it was amazing!!!

We spent the evening swimming and hiking. Wonderful day.